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Living on a luxury yacht on the Southern California coast, after years of surviving on the streets, is a dream come true for Kaia. Being in the revenge business pays well, and Kaia has no problem exposing the greed, infidelity, and murderous intent of society’s worst humans through her own private channels, especially if it keeps her surrounded by surf, sun, and gorgeous men. After all, the only people really getting hurt are the liars and the cheaters. So what if Kaia benefits from them? As far as she’s concerned, she has the perfect life. Until she doesn’t…

When a brutal attack leaves Kaia shaken and exposed, she’s given no choice but to accept the protection of her uncle’s Spec Ops team. Unfortunately, the team comes with an agenda, and it’s not only to keep Kaia in their sights, but also to keep her in their bed. Overwhelmed by the constant attention, Kaia needs time to figure her life out and make some decisions. But things go from complicated to a total cluster when her cheating ex turns up to take over the operation. Kaia doesn’t know who to trust, who to believe, and where to turn, which leaves her vulnerable in a way that could be deadly.

Warning: This book contains a messed-up revenge game that is at best ethically dubious, a bratty heroine who has no problem pushing boundaries, two, no three, no four men who have decided that she is theirs to protect and claim, and lots of very steamy sex.