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Our Books

Check out our currently published, and upcoming books here! 

Our books are hot, spicy, and sure to bring the heat between the sheets, in more ways than one. 
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The Animus Series

Animus is a why choose, contemporary romance series. Its revenge game is ethically dubious and might just leave you questioning your own morals. The heroine has no f**ks left to give, but when she’s given the option of multiple love interests, it sets her world on fire. 
If you don’t want to read about talk of cheating, murder, blood, and kidnapping–Jules and I understand. But if you do, then strap in for dark themes, and the perfect amount of steamy scenes.

*Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations and sensitive content.

Animus Book 2.jpeg

Welcome to Artemis, where you satisfy my need for revenge.


Tonight’s event is Erased.

You thought you were the Queen of revenge, but ultimately your role is the Fool.

The nightmare you created has sent its demons to bring you home.

You can run, little doll, but I’ll always find you.

I’ve already erased one of your protectors, the rest will soon share his fate.

Members, nothing’s changed.

Bets will begin in five minutes.

Winners will receive their money within moments.

But losers?

They become dolls.

Never forget the Artemis motto…


Opportunity Only Knocks, Karma Hunts You Down

Releases Sept. 18th, 2023

Animus Book 3.jpeg

Blurb Coming Soon!

Releases Oct. 14th, 2023

Blurb Coming Soon!

Releases Nov. 9th, 2023

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